Full day session at Musselburgh studio with Tomek T


Like last year we are selling out our bookings for December.

You are getting 50% off on a full day session with:

Tomek T
who specialize in realistic style
and is based in our Musselburgh studio

Just select the date you want to get booked in.

We are are not shipping this as a physical voucher - so once you purchase your date, contact us at booking@rocknroll-tattoos.com to confirm the details of your session.

Full day session is about 5 to 7 hours of tattooing in which of course we will create a custom, decent size and very detailed piece for you.

*those sessions can not be moved forward to have your discount the session has to happen in December


  • 10th of December
  • 11th of December
  • 13th of December
  • 17th of December
  • 18th of December
  • 19th of December
  • 20th of December
  • 21st of December
  • 28th of December