Full day session at Glasgow studio with Cubb


Like last year we are selling out our bookings for December.

You are getting 50% off on a full day session with:

who specialize in black and grey realism style
and is based in our Glasgow studio

Just select the date you want to get booked in.

We are are not shipping this as a physical voucher - so once you purchase your date, contact us at booking@rocknroll-tattoos.com to confirm the details of your session.

Full day session is about 5 to 7 hours of tattooing in which of course we will create a custom, decent size and very detailed piece for you.

*those sessions can not be moved forward to have your discount the session has to happen in December


  • 9th of Decebmer
  • 11th of Decebmer
  • 12th of Decebmer
  • 16th of Decebmer
  • 17th of Decebmer