[Dundee studio] Big scale promo

£500.00 On Sale

We have limited spaces for this flash sale aimed at everyone who is looking for larger scale projects.

Larger tattoos typically take our artists multiple sessions to complete. For example, an artist would normally need 4 full day sessions to complete a sleeve. A half sleeve would take half the time and would be able to be completed in two sessions.

The rules are very simple:
- in the price you are receiving 2, 3 or 4 full day vouchers with the resident artist of your choice which gives you 50% off
- we will schedule your sessions 1 per month

* please remember that deposits are non-refundable and we need 48 hours notice to reschedule the appointment
* we will be not be sending this as a physical voucher
* after booking the session - please contact booking@rocknroll-tattoos.com to confirm your ideas with us.


  • David D - 3 full days (colour and black and grey realism)
  • David D - 4 full days (colour and black and grey realism)
  • Andrew - 2 full days (illustrative)
  • Andrew - 3 full days (illustrative)
  • Andrew - 4 full days (illustrative)