Designs to Grab- By Marta (Southampton)


Here is some designs to grab from our resident artist Marta.

Marta specialises in illustrative, full colour and black and grey realism, she has a residency at Rock'n'Roll Tattoos Southampton.

You can find examples of her work here by clicking this link:

* all designs are palm and hand-size
* all designs are custom - so they will only be tattooed once, first come first serve applies.
* if you want to adopt some changes to the piece - of course, our artist will do this for you also.
* you pay the full price of the tattoo, and so you will have no extra costs on the day of the session.
* these designs can not be used as a cover up.

Once you purchase the design, drop us an e-mail at and we will find the date and time which suits you to get your favourite tattoo!


  • 1- Sage
  • 2- Whale
  • 3- Crystal
  • 4- Mushroom Sold Out
  • 5- Crystal
  • 6- Sage Sold Out
  • 7- Ginkgo leaf
  • 8- Ginkgo leaf
  • 9- Bee Sold Out