Deposit for a full day session with Cubb

£150.00 On Sale

Cubb is a custom black and grey realism artist who has a residency at our Glasgow studio. His price for a full day session is £600, but in this promo your total price for it will be £500, so you are receiving a £100 discount.

A deposit of £150 is needed for the date that you are going to choose, and it is included in the price of the tattoo. So on the day of your session, you will pay the remaining balance of £350.

* please remember that deposits are non-refundable and we need 48 hours notice to reschedule the appointment
* we will be not be sending this as a physical voucher
* after booking the session - please contact to confirm your ideas with us.


  • 4th of March
  • 5th of March Sold Out
  • 9th of March
  • 10th of March
  • 11th of March
  • 13th of March
  • 16th of March
  • 17th of March
  • 18th of March
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  • 31st of March
  • 2nd of April
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